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Canada Australia Trusts Arbitration


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Canada            (U N D E R    C O N S T R U C T I O N)
Trust Statute (Main)
Arbitration Statute (Main)
Trust Statute
& ADR Provision
Hague Convention
New York Convention
Trust Statute (Main International)
Arbitration Statute (Main International)
Alberta Alberta Trustee Act 2000 Alberta Arbitration Act 2000
Alberta International Conventions Implementation Act [International Trusts & Hague Convention] 2000 Alberta International Arbitration Act 2000
British Columbia British Columbia Trustee Act 1996 British Columbia Arbitration Act 1996 British Columbia International Trusts Act 1996 British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Act 1996
Manitoba Manitoba Trustee Act 1987 Manitoba Arbitration Act 1997 Manitoba International Trusts Act 1993 Manitoba International Commercial Arbitration Act 1986
New Brunswick New Brunswick Trustee Act (Consolidated) New Brunswick Arbitration Act 1992 New Brunswick International Trusts Act 2011 New Brunswick International Arbitration Act 2011
Newfoundland &
Newfoundland & Labrador Trustee Act 1990 Newfoundland & Labrador Arbitration Act 1990
Newfoundland & Labrador International Trusts Act 1990 Newfoundland and Labrador International Commercial Act 1990
Northwest Territories North West Territories Trustee Act 1988 North West Territories Arbitration Act 1988
North West Territories International Commercial Arbitration Act 1988
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Trustee Act 1989 Nova Scotia Arbitration Act 1989 Nova Scotia Internatioal Trusts Act 2005 Nova Scotia International Arbitration Act 1989
Nunavut Nunavut Trustee Act 1988 Nunavut Arbitration Act 2010 Nunavut International Commercial Arbitration Act 1999
Ontario Ontario Trustee Act 1990 Ontario Arbitration Act 1991 Ontario International Commercial Arbitration Act 1990
Prince Edward
Prince Edward Island Trustee Act (Consolidated) Prince Edward Island Arbitration Act (Consolidated) Prince Edward Island International Trusts Act 1988 Prince Edward International Commercial Arbitration Act 1988
Quebec Code of Civil Procedure - Quebec
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Trustee Act 2009 Saskatchewan Aribtration Act 1992 SaskatchewanTrusts Convention Implementation Act [international trusts & Hague Convention] 1994 Saskatchewan International Commercial Act 1989
Yukon Yukon Trustee Act 2002 Yukon Arbitration Act 2002 Yukon International Commercial Arbitration Act 2002
Australia            (U N D E R    C O N S T R U C T I O N)
Trust Statute (Main)
Arbitration Statute (Main)
Mediation Statute
Trust Statute & ADR Provision
Hague Convention
New York Convention
Australian Capital
Australian Capital Territory Trustee Act 1925 Australia Capital Territory Commercial Arbitration Act 1986 Australian Capital Territory Mediation Act 1997
New South Wales NSW Trustee Act 1925 NSW 2010 Commercial Arbitration Act
Norfolk Island Norfolk Island Trustee Act 1931 Norfolk Island Commercial Arbitration Act 2006 .
Northern Territory Northern Territory Trustee Act 1907 Northern Territory Commercial Arbitration (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011 .
Queensland Queensland Trustee Act 1973 Commercial Arbitration Act 1990 .
South Australia South Australia Trustee Act 1936 Southern Australia Commercial Arbitration Act 2011 .
Tasmania Tasmanian Trustee Act 1898 Tasmanian Commercial Arbitration Act 1986 .
Victoria Victoria Trustee Act 1958 Victoria Commercial Arbitration Act 2011 .
Western Australia Western Australia Trustees Act 1962 Western Australia Commercial Arbitration Act 1985 .