My Good Standing - letters of good standing from my professional bodies.


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Grant Jones - an ADR practitioner in good standing. When selecting an arbitrator or mediator, the perennial question is, 'should you select an ADR practitioner who has an ancillary relevant skill or qualification'? To which I would reply, 'of course'. But I would suggest a further action, 'check the professional records of the potential arbitrator or mediator'.

Professional bodies can provide a certificate of good standing, which will state that a member has been or maybe subject to in due course disciplinary action. Such certificates cost. I have in the past had a requirement to produce such certificates. These certificates are reproduced below. As noted on my qualification page, direct request can be made of these professional bodies by third parties. As to the ACCA qualification, I was previously an ACCA member, but resigned because I believed my position within the ICAEW may have created a conflict in that I was representing the ICAEW, but was a member of a competing accountancy body.