Welcome to the website of Prof GM Jones, arbitrator, expert determiner & mediator

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Grant Jones, lawyer, accountant & ADR practitioner; qualified to resolve from all angles

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This website serves as a personal introduction to my being appointed as an arbitrator, an expert, a mediator or a conciliator. Arbitration, expert references (whether by expert adjudication or expert determination), mediation & conciliation, are often referred to together as alternative dispute resolution or ADR.

You may be considering an arbitration or other ADR appointment and therefore need to perform due diligence on myself as a possible appointee lawyer accountant arbitrator, lawyer accountant expert determiner, lawyer accountant adjudicator, lawyer accountant mediator, lawyer accountant conciliator. Such due diligence would include vouching qualifications, together with considering the interests and expertise of the potential appointees. Alternatively I may have already have been appointed as the arbitrator, expert determiner, adjudicator,

mediator or conciliator, by an arbitral or similar institution; and you want to know more about my background. You will see a 'web button' highlighting my qualifications, etc. Review of the same may form part of your due diligence.

You will also see web button references to my employments and positions. From this you can see my arbitration, expert determination, adjudication, mediation and conciliation appointments and interests will tend to focus on various areas. Specifically, disputes involving: accountancy, especially were knowledge of law and accountancy is required; insolvency; finance, possibly with an offshore or fund or asset management element; protected cell companies and insurance; asset-based lending; pensions; partnerships splits; alternative energy, especially wind energy; and friendly societies or co-operatives.