Protected Cell Companies


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Grant Jones - "Protected Cell Companies: a guide to their implementation & use" has become a leading, if not the leading textbook in the field of protective cell companies. It is regularly quoted in academic journals, in court proceedings, in actuarial reports & especially actuarial court written reports. As to the latter, an example would be the Vestalife petition to the Gibraltar Supreme Court, for an order sanctioning a transfer its insurance business to Augura Life Ireland Ltd, a sister company within the NPG Group. As can be seen from the Report of the Independent Actuary [*hyperlink to a page that copies this page, so that it is always kept on our gmjones site, but maintain the links within the Vestalife page*] at paragraph 1.16, "For background information on PCCs, I referred to a publication "Protected Cell Companies: a guide to their implementation and use (2nd edition)" by Nigel Feetham and Grant Jones...".

The book is also regularly quoted in industry articles. An example being an article by Robin Amos, who prefaced the book, entitled, "Cell Segregation in Protective Cell Companies: a matter of law governments or both?"?

'A Tale of Two Laws' - Nigel Feetham, Hassans