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Trustees & Fiduciaries


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Grant Jones - I have academic, educational & professional interests, in Alternative Dispute Resolution in the context of trustees & fiduciaries. My academic research is resulting in a book . Educationally I am involved with the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners ("STEP") in drafting & teaching an ADR certificate. Professionally I have acted in this area.

ADR is amply suited to trust disputes. Parties 'do not want to wash their dirty linen in public'. But the nature of trusts present ADR with some difficulties, not least of which is the extent to which trust ADR clauses can be valid. These webpages consider that specific difficulty, by looking at trust jurisdictions that have or do not have a statutory provision for trust ADR. This webpage has various jurisdictions. Given the importance of trusts to the common-law world, the three major federal common-law jurisdictions of the USA, Canada & Australia have their own webpages. Please click on the USA logo beneath, for the USA web page and on the Canadian & Australian logo for the Canadian & Australian webpage.

Further details of the STEP educational programme can be viewed by clicking the STEP logo.

Trust Statute (Main)
Arbitration Statute (Main)
Arbitration Statute (Main International)
Trust Statute & ADR Provision
Hague Convention
& Barbuda
Arbitration Act 1975
Armenia Arbitration Act 1998
Austria Austrian Arbitration Act 2006
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan International Arbitration Act 2001
Bahamas Bahamas Trustee Act 1998 Bahamian Arbitration Act 1899
Barbados Barbadian International Trust Act 1995 Barbadian International Commercial Arbitration Act 2007

Belgium Belgium Arbitration Code 1998

Belize Belize Trust Act 2000 Belize Arbitration Act 2000

Brazil Arbitration Law 1996
Bulgaria Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2010
Chile International Commercial Arbitration Law 2004
China China Trust Law 2001 China Arbitration Law 1998
Cook Islands Cook Islands International Trusts Act 1984 The Cook Islands adopted the New Zealand Arbitration Act 1908

Croatia Croatia Arbitration Act 2001

Cyprus International Commercial Arbitration Act 1987

Dubai Dubai Trust Law 2005 Dubai Arbitration Law 2008
Fiji Fiji Arbitration Act 1965

Finland Finland Arbitration Act 1992

Germany German Arbitration Act 1998

Guyana Arbitration Act 1916
Iran International Commercial Arbitration Act 1997
Jamaica Arbitration Act 1900 Jamaica Arbitration Act 1900
Korea Korean Arbitration Act 2002 Jamaica Arbitration Act 1900
Laos . Law on the Resolution of Economic Disputes 2005
Lichenstein Lichenstein Company Law 1999
Lithuania Commercial Arbitration Act 1996
Labuan Trusts Act 1996 Malaysian Arbitration Act 2005

Malta Maltese Trusts & Trustees Act 1989 Maltese Arbitration Act 1996

Mongolia Arbitration 2012

New Zealand New Zealand Trustee Act 1956 New Zealand Arbitration Act 1908

Portugal Arbitration Law 2012

Qatar Qatar Trust Regulations 2007 Qatar Financial Centre Reg 8 2006 Arbitration
St Kitts & Nevis St Kitts & Nevis Trusts Act 1996

St Vincent St Vincent International Trusts Act 1996

Spain Spanish Arbitration Act 2003

Sweden Arbitration Law 1999
USA US Uniform Trust Code 2010